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Embracing the Pizza Lifestyle

“You’re going to get sick of pizza.”

Perhaps you have heard this mantra before. Or maybe you have had concerned friends and family come up to you worried about your pizza lifestyle. The pizza lifestyle isn’t one for the faint of heart. For those who are up for the challenge, here is how to embrace your new pizza lifestyle.

Start Early

Many of us experienced our first bite of cheesy goodness as a child. Whether it was birthday parties, family gatherings, or a slice from your local pizza supplier, this food of the Gods enters our lives at a young age. From the first slice, we experience fireworks in our eyes and yearn for when we can have another. Throughout our adolescence, pizza was always there for us. As the ultimate comfort food, there is no possible way that we could get sick of this wonderful food.

A Transcending Experience

There is something about pizza that transcends other foods. It is the only food that tastes equally delicious cold as it does warm. It also makes us feel special. Whether we are throwing a party, working late at the office, or pulling an all-nighter, pizza is the one food that can convincingly tell us “You can do it”.

But Why Pizza?

Not only is the taste of pizza something to be desired, but Pizza is also really convenient. Think about what you want after a long day. Pizza can be made in minutes (with a brick oven) with as many, or as little, toppings as you want. Are you in a hurry? Pizza is easily portable. Simply grab a slice and carry it out the door for a pre-work snack. Did you just move? Pizza is the best way to convince your friends to pick up heavy boxes of your stuff and transport it to your new home.

But How Do You Not Get Sick Of Pizza?

The key is in customization. Pizza offers unlimited opportunities for experimentation and customization. At Pie-O-Mine/Greens, we not only offer specialty pizzas, but we also have create-your-own pizza. With a create your own, you have your choice of sauce, cheese, unlimited veggies, meat, and pizza finishings. There are thousands of pizza combinations ready for you to experience at Pie-O-Mine. And with three locations, there is a Pie-O-Mine/Greens pizza near you! In a world of uncertainty, trust in the delicious taste of pizza and embrace your pizza lifestyle.