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Spice Up Your Salad!


Salads no longer have to be boring! Your typical salad can be…well typical. Take your boring, loser salad and turn it into something truly worthy of the majesty that is you!

Here are some truly amazing ways to spice up your salad!

Mixing Up Your Greens

Throw your standard lettuce options out the window! Your greens are the base of any salad and should be equally as awesome as the toppings. With romaine, kale, arugula, spinach, mesclun, or iceberg lettuce, you can choose the best base to make your salad sassy.

Throw In A Little Color

Salad doesn’t have to be just a pile of green. When picking toppings, pick from across the color spectrum! At Pie-O-Mine/Greens, you’ll get to pick an unlimited amount of fruits and vegetables. Don’t know where to start? Try beets, carrots, purple cabbage, strawberries, or olives. They will not only make your salad look beautiful, but they also add a lot of nutrition to your plate!


It’s fine and dandy to want to stick with the same dressing, but try to switch it up once in a while. At Pie-O-Mine/Greens, we have an unbelievable amount of dressing options. From honey mustard to chipotle ranch, Concord grape to balsamic vinaigrette, the options are endless! Plus, we have a number of low-calorie dressings that also include fresh lime

Proteins and Fats

You’ll want all the gains from your salad. Add in some grilled chicken or turkey for a boost of protein. Don’t eat meat? Well, black beans are another great protein option. Now all you need are some healthy fats to turn this dish into a full on meal! Throw in some nuts or avocado to make your salad more filling and delicious.

When you visit us at Pie-O-Mine/Greens, you’ll be able to select all of your favorite fresh ingredients, your protein, and your dressing. Then, you’ll experience the satisfaction that comes from watching all of your ingredients get chopped up and combined together for your perfect salad