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Top Ten Most Popular Pizza Toppings


It is said that there are two types of people in the world. Those who order pineapple on their pizza, and those who don’t. Where do you fall? What are your favorite pizza toppings?

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Probably the most debated topic ever. This subject has split many groups apart. What to get on a pizza. Now, Pie-O-Mine/Greens can not help solve the ever debated question. In  the end we can only tell you what the most popular toppings are (possibly adding more fuel to the fire.)

So here you go! The Top Ten Most Popular Pizza Toppings

10. Spinach

9. Pineapple

8. Green Peppers

7. Black Olives

6. Cheese

5. Bacon

4. Sausage

3. Onions

2. Mushrooms

1. Pepperoni

The number one topping should come as much of a shock to pizza lovers. Nothing is more classic than a pepperoni pizza. However, pizza is still delicious with our without toppings. So whether you like to pile it on, or want to stick with classic cheese, you should never have to settle when it comes to pizza.


Don’t let deciding over toppings split apart your group. At Pie-O-Mine/Greens, we offer personalized, artisan pizza. No more compromising. Get a personal pizza the way you want it.