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Brick Oven Pizza Might Be Good For You





Spoiler Alert: Not all pizzas are created equal.

Except you already knew that. With dozens of pizza joints in your neighborhood, from brick oven pizza to New York Style to Deep Dish, finding the perfect pie can be difficult. It requires trial and error. It requires perseverance. It requires a trip to Pie-O-Mine/Greens.

At Pie-O-Mine we pride ourselves in giving you the freedom to create your own pizza. If you read our article “Why Brick Oven is Better” then you already know that brick oven pizza gives you a faster cooking time for those on-the-go, a unique smoky flavor, a soft, puffy crust, and crispier toppings. With endless combinations of sauce, cheese, veggies, and meats, you never have to eat the same pizza twice. Be inventive. Go traditional. Your pizza is whatever you want it to be!

And if you need another incentive to try our brick oven pizza, then here’s the biggest one: it’s good for you.

Wait, did we really just say pizza is good for you? Again: not all pizzas are created equal. The greasy, cheesy, extra sausage, and extra pepperoni pizza is not going to get you any bonus points in the health department. However, with the right ingredients, pizza can be good for you in the following three ways:


Cheese is an excellent source of calcium. Consider asking for less cheese on your pie or try a healthier option like feta, goat cheese, ricotta, or parmesan.


Load up on veggies! A healthy diet has you eating three servings of vegetables every day. With our unlimited toppings choose a handful of different toppings like broccoli, spinach, diced tomatoes, peas, or fresh mushrooms.


Pizza is packed with protein but when picking a meat for your pie, consider a healthier option such as grilled chicken, ham, or shrimp.

So what are you waiting? Visit one of our three great locations today!